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Kalamazoo Anesthesiology


Emergency Checklist Manuals


General Guidelines

Instrument and Technology Instructions

Instrument And Technology Instructions

Title Size Download
Sonosite S Ultrasound Instructions 2.57 MB Download Preview

KAPC Guidelines and Policies

KAPC Guidelines and Policies

Title Size Download
Adult Premedication KAPC Practice Guidelines 123.04 KB Download Preview
Anesthesia Guidelines for Pediatric ENT procedures 17.31 KB Download Preview
Antiplatelet Agents and Coronary Stent KAPC Practice Guidelines 2016 79.73 KB Download Preview
Awareness KAPC Policy 2006 25.56 KB Download Preview
Carbon Dioxide Absorbent KAPC Policy 2005 11.89 KB Download Preview
Eye Irritation Management KAPC Practice Guidlines 2010 20.01 KB Download Preview
ICD Management KAPC Practice Guidelines 2016 82.81 KB Download Preview
Latex Sensitivity Protocol KAPC Practice Guidelines 2006 36.92 KB Download Preview
Local Anesthetic Containing Solutions in Continuous Epidural KAPC Practice Guidelines 2004 78.68 KB Download Preview
OSA Practice KAPC Practice Guidelines 2007 27.46 KB Download Preview
Patient Discharge from an ASU Utilizing Discharge Criteria KAPC Practice Guidelines 1996 49.70 KB Download Preview
Pacemaker Management KAPC Practice Guidelines 2016 96.27 KB Download Preview
PONV Prophylaxis KAPC Practice Guidelines 10.45 KB Download Preview
Postoperative Epidural Analgesia KAPC Practice Guidelines 2013 48.32 KB Download Preview
Preoperative Fasting KAPC Guidelines 2016 67.68 KB Download Preview
Presurgical Testing KAPC Practice Guidelines 2017 124.20 KB Download Preview
Spinal Fusions Anesthesia KAPC Practice Guidelines 2008 82.03 KB Download Preview
Harassment Prevention Training 6.7.18 8.22 MB Download
Anesthesia for Bariatric Surgery Practice Guideline_Approved 4_9_2018_KAPC_PDF 362.90 KB Download Preview


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