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Perioperative Services

Kalamazoo Anesthesiology

The tide that lifts all boats.

Kalamazoo Anesthesiology is expert at perioperative care. Our goal is to improve surgical outcomes, where everyone in the system benefits, including the institution, the practitioner, and the patient. KA is Southwest Michigan’s perioperative expert, the trusted provider of anesthesiology services in our region, and a force for improving surgical outcomes, lifting reputations, and ensuring the best possible patient outcomes.

Perioperative Services

KA Reputations and Performance

Lifting reputations and performance.

To hospitals and clinics, Kalamazoo Anesthesiology helps them optimize or create vibrant surgical service lines. We enhance their reputations with improved outcomes, enhanced capabilities, and more satisfied patients. We are perioperative experts who know how to make surgical suites hum with improved throughput, efficiency, clinical quality, and financial performance.

KA Making Surgeon's Work Easier

Making surgeons’ work easier.

To the surgeons they assist, KA is an indispensable ally before, during, and following surgery; KA’s perioperative efforts ensure a patient’s readiness for surgery, make a surgeon’s work easier and more efficient, protect surgeons’ reputations, and enhance both patient outcomes and patient satisfaction attributed to the surgeon.

KA Transforming Patient's Lives

Transforming patients’ lives.

To surgical patients, KA is a guardian angel in the operating room, ensuring a surgical routine stays routine before, during, and after surgery. KA is preparing patients and ensuring their readiness for surgery, shortening the patient’s hospital stay, providing more effective pain relief after surgery, and producing better outcomes that transform the lives of patients.