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  • Improving Outcomes.
    Transforming Lives.

  • Improving Outcomes.
    Transforming Lives.

  • Improving Outcomes.
    Transforming Lives.

  • Improving Outcomes.
    Transforming Lives.

Your Perioperative Experts

KA is Southwest Michigan’s perioperative expert, a trusted and leading provider of all anesthesiology services in our region, and a uniquely qualified chronic pain consultant.

A New Way to Look at Chronic Pain

Our expertise in chronic pain management has its clinical roots in anesthesia, but our KA Pain Consultants are uniquely gifted at helping patients manage or eliminate chronic pain.

Going Under?

Here’s What You Need to Know

Everyone deserves great care.

We help partner hospitals deliver surgical excellence that inspires their healthcare staffs and professionals, and ensures their patients experience the best outcomes and the best lives. Even the community is enriched when it is confident in the quality of its healthcare.

Leaving No
Stone Unturned.

We are curious and tenacious people. Our anesthesiologists are experts in perioperative medicine; that is, they love every part of ensuring a complete surgical success for every patient by knowing the details that contribute to a great outcome. Our CRNAs are gifted at oversight and adaptation. In a surgery, you want them in your corner, at the head of the bed, competently making your surgery look easy.

When the gloves come off, we work hand in hand.

KA is proud to be affiliated with several of southwest Michigan’s best healthcare systems. They trust us to ensure their surgical service lines are beyond exceptional, and compare to the best found anywhere in the country. We are proud to be a part of a community where these healthcare institutions share a passion to serve the community with distinction.

While You Were Sleeping

For the KA team, transforming lives happens inside and outside of the operating room, and not just in our region, but the world. We make a positive difference because we act on our instincts to help and serve. Of course, most people don’t associate anesthesiology with anything other than putting patients to sleep. Here are some things our people were up to while you were sleeping.

Larry Bauss
KA Anesthesiologist

While you were sleeping...
... children found new life and a new home.

Larry Bauss is a KA anesthesiologist whose generosity made a world of difference to one special orphanage in a remote corner of the world. Burma is probably not recognized by most people, and the country’s new name, Myanmar, makes it seem even more remote. This desperately poor and war-torn country has two million orphans, many of whom live on the streets.

There is one bright spot, however; a special home where orphan children experience love and receive food, shelter, education, and a family who cares for them. The Living Hope, Myanmar orphanage gives children the opportunity to grow up successful, educated, and hopeful. When Larry acted to “defend the weak and the fatherless; to uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed,” he was led to an obscure corner of the world where his efforts would barely be noticed…except by the children of Myanmar.

Paula Schriemer
KA Anesthesiologist

While you were sleeping...
... we filled small backpacks with huge potential.

Paula Schriemer, a KA anesthesiologist, was just paying attention. At her weekly Bible study, the group’s conversation turned to a curious fact about their local school children; they showed up hungry on Mondays. During the week, those children received government-provided breakfast and lunch programs, but what was happening on the weekend?

Paula suggested the formation of the Generous Hands organization, and re-created a successful Friday Backpack program to send school kids home with food for the weekend and to ensure they started the school week with the fuel they need to learn and thrive. Because of Paula’s instinct to act, the program began with 10 children in a single school, and today, 300 children in the community receive a weekly backpack.

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